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Green Valley Winemaking Style

Grounded in sensibility, grace and restraint, our style has one foot in France, where we began our wine journey, and the other in Green Valley, our home. We make wines of pleasure, meant for age-ability. In a time when most wine is enjoyed as soon as it is released, we still feel that age-ability is a mark of excellence.

The Sparkling Wines exceed French standards for vintage quality, belonging to the category of “Grower Champagne”. The Wedding Cuvée is aged a minimum of three years, the LD (Late Disgorged) is held for seven to eight years, Joy! For 12 to 15 years. We riddle and disgorge our sparkling wines, as per Méthode Champenoise guidelines.

The Chardonnay grapes are whole-fruit-pressed, which yields the most delicate juice and high-point fruit flavors. The oak is beautifully integrated, with richness emanating from rigorous lees stirring.

Our Pinot Noir is cold-soaked for a week to ten days (using dry ice), then gently pressed from the skins before transferring to French oak barrels. Fermentation is completed in-barrel, allowing stirring of the lees (batonage) as the wine ages prior to blending and bottling. The result is great depth of flavor and character, yet the weight and texture remain so light and silky, the wines just glide across the palate.

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