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Where the Fog and Sun Meet in Rainbows

Iron Horse is in the heart of Green Valley, 13 miles from the Pacific as the drone flies. Green Valley is the coolest, foggiest part of the Russian River areas. There are approximately 160 acres under vine, planted exclusively to Chardonnay and Pinot Noir – a patchwork of gentle, rolling hills, and a spectacular view from the winery, clear across Sonoma County to Mount St. Helena. The predominant soil-type is called “Gold Ridge”, a sandy loam that has excellent drainage and is perfectly, inherently balanced, making it one of the most coveted soil types, especially for growing Pinot Noir.

Experience the beauty of our place

Our estate is divided into 39 blocks, farmed individually, harvested separately and then each vinified as a “single vineyard”. We practice “precision viticulture”: Each block has been planted with site-specific rootstock and clone selections. All pruning, canopy management, irrigation, and cover crop decisions are determined on a block-by-block (and sometimes even vine-by-vine) basis, considering both the vintage and the long-term needs of the land.

Hills are seeded with erosion control cover crop. Grape prunings are mulched into the earth to maintain soil health and high-quality recycled water is used to frost-protect the vines as well as irrigate the gardens. From 2005 to 2012, we replanted 82 acres originally planted in the early 70s, advancing our viticultural practices, enhancing all our wines.

We are certified sustainable, and engaged in a pilot program on climate-smart agriculture and how we can sequester more carbon in the soil. In addition, we are helping restore the fish habitat on Green Valley Creek, which bisects the vineyard.