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Rigo Moreno – Cellar Master

Rigo started working here at Iron Horse in May of 1987.

Like many of his cellar staff, Rigo started first in the vineyard. His dedication and detail-driven workmanship soon caught the attention of his supervisors and the family. Rigo was invited to join the cellar staff in 1988. There, he excelled and moved quickly up the ranks to Senior Cellarman. In 1998, Rigo was promoted to Cellar Master, one of the most demanding positions in any winery.

He is quite literally, the master of the cellar – the authority who works hour by hour, day by day in the cellar, a winemaker’s most trusted right-hand to get those all important, critical procedures done on time, safely and correctly.

The 2020 vintage will be Winemaker Emeritus David Munksgard’s 25 harvest working with Rigo. David reflects on those years: “It’s been such a pleasure working with Rigo all these years. He is so calm, so professional. We work together so seamlessly; I swear he can read my mind.”

Rigo is also a family man. He and his wife Maria have two wonderful sons, Rigo Jr. and Brian.