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Summer Solstice – Wines and News

by Joy Sterling | Published June 21, 2022

Dear Friends and Family, Happy Solstice! Summer in Sonoma is off to a perfect start. Birdsong in the mornings. Beautiful blue sky with white, puffy clouds. The jasmine is out and wafting in the breeze. The vineyards are a sea of green.

This time of year, you can expect some delays on our road: My commute home the other evening was held up by a little family of turkeys walking across the bridge.

Today also marks the official release of Summer’s Cuvée. This vintage is particularly delightful as an apéro. It is so deliciously vibrant. Perfect with peaches poolside.

I am excited about a new project we started two weeks ago inviting our top Classic Vintage Brut customers and top Wedding Cuvée

customers to submit personal reviews for us to post on our website. Here is some of what we got back:

“Wedding Cuvée is f*ing yummy” ~ Maribeth K.

And this lovely poem  ~  Elizabeth A.

“Whether you’re saying I do
Or toasting a view;
A get together with friends
Or a milestone tadoo

There’s no better way
To celebrate the day;
Than with a sparkling glass
Of Wedding Cuvée.

Its bubbles – they’re fine
Its color – rich gold;
If you weren’t already
Aren’t you now sold??”

All will be posted on our website. I’ll let you know when.

Laurence is predicting we will start harvest on August 10th. Our average start date for the past decade has been August 15. If the lavender crop is any indication, it will be glorious. Everything crossed!

Wishing you a most delicious summer,