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October Ratings and New Release

by Joy Sterling | Published October 17, 2021

It’s Raining Ratings

Like crisp air, falling leaves and pumpkins, autumn reliably brings fabulous wine reviews at Iron Horse. The family is so appreciative and proud of these outstanding scores from Wine Enthusiast:

97           2017 Ocean Reserve Blanc de Blancs

97           2017 Classic Vintage Brut

97           2017 Wedding Cuvee

95           2017 Brut X

94           2017 Russian Cuvee

2017 was a great vintage and these ratings are a tribute to the passion, dedication, and hard work of the extraordinary people behind the wines. Congratulations and thank you Team Iron Horse!

We are honored to be named one of the Top 100 wineries in Wine & Spirits Magazine – our 18th year to be so honored. This time, for our Brut LD, Joy! in magnum and Gold Ridge Pinot Noir.

I particularly enjoyed pouring Joy! at the tasting in San Francisco. We were the sole American bubbly. It was a pleasure to stand alongside Bollinger and Cristal. The write up in the magazine is especially gratifying: “… the Iron Horse team has mastered a California style of Sparkling Wine that can stand in the company of great Champagne, layering complex depths of Green Valley fruit over richness gained from long aging on the lees.”

Regarding our Pinot Noirs, Publisher and Editor Josh Greene goes on to say: “… as replanted parcels of Pinot come into maturity, (the) single-block wines show distinct personalities, while the Gold Ridge blend from 2018 details the fog, the cold nights and the sunny afternoons of Green Valley.”

Most exciting for me personally is the delicious first release of Audrey Chardonnay. It mirrors the beauty and grace of Iron Horse Co-Founder, my exquisite mother, Audrey Sterling. Multi-faceted, brilliant, and memorable. This is a tribute wine, made with love and admiration.

The forecast calls for rain, which couldn’t be more welcome. Please, if you know the steps, do a rain dance!