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Win an Iron Horse Soiree in Your Home!

Hello fabulous Iron Horse Members! We’re popping the cork on a rare and unforgettable experience as sparkling as Joy! Joy Sterling that is, by introducing a Holiday Party Wine Club Contest.  

The Challenge

Enlist your squad, call your friends, neighbors and business associates and channel your inner wine influencer to become Iron Horse’s ultimate Wine Club Champion. Your mission? Secure the most sign-ups for the prestigious Iron Horse Wine Club. The more, the merrier!

You know the benefits of being a member better than anyone. And, for further validation, we have been named by Forbes Vetted as the country’s Best Sparkling Wine Subscription

The Prize

Grand prize for the most sign ups is an Iron Horse Sparkling Soiree in your home. Picture this: Iron Horse Winery CEO Joy Sterling herself, along with your favorite Wine Club Manager Chris Brock, will bring our Magic of Sparkling Magnums Tasting to your home. Yes, the crème de la crème of indulgence – delectable Tsar Nicoulai Caviar (plus accoutrements) and FOUR magnums of Iron Horse bubblies.

On a Thursday or Friday 5 to 7pm, during the holiday season, imagine your living space transformed into a haven of elegance and gracious hospitality with Joy and Chris, the sounds of popping corks and clinking glasses, delicious, abundant caviar, and the heartwarming glow of good company. Up to 20 of your nearest and dearest will revel in this Sparkling Soirée, filled with enchanting tales of Iron Horse, family lore and the gift of celebration. You might even learn the art “bumping” caviar. It’s the perfect reward for helping spread the cheer of Iron Horse.* 

Don’t live within 60 miles of Iron Horse? No worries! Your prize is equally spectacular: Four Iron Horse Sparkling magnums and five ounces of Tsar Nicoulai Caviar shipped to your door. How’s that for a party in a box (or two)? 

How to Win

Round up your friends, family, colleagues – everyone you know who loves bubbles. Sign them up for any one of the Iron Horse Wine Clubs, including our new USA Best Sparkling Wine Club 3-Month Subscription. The more sign-ups, the better your chances of hosting this fabulous fête!*

So, are you ready to sip, sparkle, and sign-up your way to a sensational soirée? Embrace the challenge, revel in the camaraderie, and let the wine flow like stories at sunset.

Enter Now!

The Details

  • *Winner of the holiday party must live within 60 miles of Iron Horse
  • Party to take place during a mutually convenient time for all parties, between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve
  • When entering via USA Best Wine Club 3-Month Subscription: Make sure you’re signed in as a club member and your entry will be registered
  • If a friend is signing up for membership or 3-month membership subscription, be sure they indicate your name in the notes.
  • If you or they forget, email chris@ironhorsevineyards.com and he’ll get you registered 

Any questions, Chris is your man: chris@ironhorsevineyards.com