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Introducing Tin Pony

by Joy Sterling | Published July 23, 2020

Introducing Tin Pony Chardonnay – Thinking Outside the Bottle

Dear Friends and Family, I am very excited to announce the entrance of a new star in our stable: Tin Pony – estate grown, vintage, sustainably farmed, craft Chardonnay in a 250 ml can, which for the moment is a category of one.

We have been working on this project for nine months and I pat myself on the back for being able to keep it secret. The official launch date is August 1. Iron Horse club members get a private offering July 23.

It is made for wine loving adventurers – a single serving size to enjoy in the great outdoors, on the go and equally comfortably, on the coach at home. We hope our restaurant friends will include this on their takeout menus. For style mavens, the packaging by our friend Ellen Riendeau is game changing; the four-pack is a perfect gift box. This is an impulse buy!

By way of introduction, Tin Pony is the little brother of Iron Horse. My parents made Tin Pony back in the day when we had young vines. Now, forty years (and a complete replant) later, we are re-imagining the brand and establishing a luxury niche (vintage, estate grown, Russian River Chardonnay – Green Valley) in a fast-growing format (cans), giving consumers  (especially wine loving adventurers) a different way to appreciate quality wine.

It has the Iron Horse pedigree.  And reinforces Iron Horse’s image as dynamic and relevant, seizing this moment of extreme flux and the need for new thinking.

We hope you enjoy it all summer long! Please send us your photos of Tin Pony on a hike, by the pool, on the golf course, you get the idea, and use the hashtag #tinponypix.

With all my very best,